Oh Mini Minnie ❤

Oh Mini Minnie ❤

Bustier top
$61 – nelly.com


Accessorize metal ring

Lip makeup




(Photo by: dorotehh.tumblr.com)

Hello my lovely little cupcake unicorns!

I hope you’ve had an awesome April just like I did (sort of) because May is finally here! I can’t believe how fast April went by but I’m glad that it’s finally over and that I was able to enjoy it. It’s a new month so it’s time to say goodbye to the old and embrace the new. I thought that it would neb a great idea to start a fresh month since it’s May and (as none of you knows) it’s my month! And no, I wasn’t born on May. I was born on July but May was named after the goddess that I was named after. So you know, I’m really hoping that I would have good vibes this month and who knows… it might continue for the rest of the year.

Just a little background on the month of May (from what I’ve learned from our English literature class when I was listening). May was named after the goddess, Maia (which is also my name… Just putting it out there) who promoted  growth and is like a spring goddess. Moving on…

So for this month, I decided to:

  • get back on working out (I stopped coz I became to lazy)
  • save up (I don’t have any classes anymore but with any money that I’ll be receiving, I’m gonna save it up!)
  • follow my meal plan (I hope -__-)
  • update more on this blog (because I’m always on tumblr and I feel like I’m neglecting this one 😦 )
  • continue writing my stories
  • finish everything on my to-draw list
  • finish watching The Walking Dead
  • and I forgot another one…

I’m really HOPING that I’d be able to do all these. Especially the workout part… and the saving up. It’s so hard being broke like… ya feel me? So I’m planning on blogging about everyday stuff, my workout shizz, my progress on saving up and the things I’m saving up for… and I’m still thinking if I should upload my stories. I don’t know… I feel like they aren’t any good. 😦

I do know that after this week, my May would be really boring so that means I’ll have more time here. Yay! But I’m still hoping to go to any beaches or something. I really wanna go on a getaway.


HBU? Have any plans for this month? Anything you’re saving up for? How about any weight goals?

If you have like, any helpful tips on saving up (I’m really bad at it) or fitness like weight loss or something, mind sharing them with me? Comment away! Thanks!



Things I Suck At Part 3!!!

So this summer, I’m finding out a LOT about some things I suck at… I know I suck at many things but the ones I’ll be putting on here are the stuff I’m aware of. Maybe I should also make a blog post about the stuff I’m aware of? I don’t know. Maybe. When I’m not too lazy. As always, this is just a filler post. I’ll be posting a real post… when I feel like it. And I started doing this post around 2:30 pm and now it’s 3:05 and I’m still in the intro part AND IT’S FREAKING SCORCHING LIKE SERIOUSLY SUMMER IN THE PHILIPPINES FEELS LIKE WE’RE LIVING IN THE SUN but whatever. 

Things I most definitely suck at:

  • following mom’s orders
  • fixing my cabinet (I’m too lazy that’s why)
  • not touching my lip (I’m crazy obsessed with touching my lip idk why HELP ME)
  • saving up (idk if I already said this)
  • sleeping early (hey it’s summer… sleeping early is for wussies)
  • saving up (yeah I said it twice)
  • getting out of bed (you see, waking up and getting out of bed are two different things like ya feel me?)
  • blogging (like I know I’m lazy but this summer… I am suuuuuper lazy)
  • flirting (who’s good this? lemme give you an award)
  • being social (ditto)
  • taking short showers (I enjoy looooooong showers. I bet you do too, yeah?)
  • and lastly
  • working out (like I swear, the only workout I get this summer is when I stand up to go to the bathroom or go downstairs to eat)

How ’bout you? Any things you suck at? Don’t worry. I probably suck more. 

Have a lovely summer!