Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!!!

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[rocks back and forth]

It’s that time the of year again… it’s just that time of the year again. Here in the Philippines, Halloween isn’t that big compared to Western countries. Sure kids also go trick or treating but it’s usually in subdivisions or villas. Although, zombies are big this year. There are fun runs with zombie themes and whatnot happening in different areas of the metropolis. Plus, the first ever Halloween theme park, Halloween Haunts Scream Park, will be opening here on November 5!  There are parades featuring different Halloween costumes… Halloween here in the Philippines is more of people going home to their provinces to visit their family and going to the cemeteries to visit and remember their loved ones who has passed away. They set up camps near their loved ones’ graves or something. It’s also the time when everything you see on television is either a. horror movies, b. “Undas” related news or c. both. As for me, it’s that time of the year where I scare myself shitless watching horror movies or just plain watching movies. Anyone remember Insidious? That scared my soul away.

On to more important stuff… and by important stuff I mean my Halloween movie list.  Lettuce begin!

1. Mean Girls– the movie for all season. Need I explain more? And if you still haven’t watched this movie, you need to reevaluate your life because you’re missing out on a lot.

2. Edward Scissorhands– this is the very first Johnny Depp movie I’ve watched and is actually my favorite. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS MOVIE I

3. Cujo–  Just your regular dose of psychopath rabid dog. Nothing much. Am I the only one who got traumatized by this movie? I can’t be the only one right? RIGHT???

4. Any Tim Burton movie– Tim Burton. TIM. BURTON.

5. Evil Dead– warning: VERY GORY. Very stressful movie I cannot even.


7. Sigaw– this is actually the only local horror film that scared me. I literally didn’t sleep for days. This is actually really good and scary. The first horror film in the Philippines that got worldwide recognition. And was even translated… you know what? Just go watch it. Goodluck not screaming.

I wanna know what you fave movies are, not just Halloween movies tho. Comment them so I could check them out! I am in dire need of new movies 😦

Have a Happy Halloween! Stay safe and don’t let the zombies bite. 😉


Tomato Soup

Since I’m broke and lazy this sembreak, I have nothing else to do but lie down and listen to some music… which happens to be a great decision. So for this last week of sembreak, I’ll be putting up playlists of the songs I’ve been listening to and putting random titles for the playlists because I’m too lazy to actually think of a proper title.


For today’s playlist, it’s just a random collection of songs that I was listening to yesterday while doing some inventory for my aunt. As for the title… I was just drinking some coffee out of a mug with “tomato soup” written on it while making the playlist so why the heck not. Know what, just ignore this shitty intro because obviously, I suck at it. 

Enjoy. xx


> Drive You Home- Parachute

> American Secrets- Parachute

> Die For You- Lawson

> Undone- Ed Sheeran

> Happily Ever After- He Is We

> Breathe- He Is We

> When the Darkness Comes- Colbie Calliat 

> Nightingale- Demi Lovato Live at the Grammys

> Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran (The Live Room)

> Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon

> Mirrors- Boyce Avenue feat. Fifth Harmony

> Roller Coaster- Luke Bryan

> Wherever You Are- 5 Seconds of Summer 


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Yes, I know. I AM BACK. And considering that my last post was ages ago, this is a HUGE deal. Like, ginormous. Guess where I’ve been. Yup. That’s right. I WAS STUCK IN SCHOOL. And let me tell you, first semester SUCKS. BIG TIME. I can’t even afford to sleep anymore, let alone blog. 😦 Which sucks because I lost a shitload of followers (not that I actually care) on Tumblr, I don’t have time to update my blog and I don’t have time to write anymore. This is pretty much why I had multiple emotional and mental breakdowns the past couple of months.

First semester was such bullshit that I almost dropped out… then I realized that my tuition was paid in full and that my parents probably won’t allow me which basically means I. AM. STUCK. That is not so bad unless you’re like me who is in a permanent teenage existential crisis. Let’s have a rundown my hell sem shall we?

Just imagine:

It’s the start of a new school year, new semester, new subjects, new classmates, new professors, new everything. Sounds pretty exciting right??? NOT. Let me tell you why. Nothing sucks more than when you’re separated from your group of friends, expected to face the new school year alone. Oh yeah. My life is The only classes that I have with them were two of our major subjects. It shouldn’t be such a big deal yeah? But it just felt like I’ll be missing out on a lot. And I was right. At least my friends didn’t rub it in my face and they fill me in whenever I miss out on something. Oh and don’t forget Theology. Yep. Pretty sure I failed that one. Oh and don’t forget the part where I have to attend classes where I know ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. Take PE for example, everyone knows each other then there’s me with earphones on. Although that thing is kinda my fault since my friends wanted to take Badminton and I wanted to take Self-Defense for PE (which then also turned to badminton coz our professor had to take a freaking leave fml). But hey, at least I got to hang out with Anna, Pau and Cj coz *HALLELUJAH* we have most of our classes together. Still, it was hard being away from The Purifiers. We rarely got to hang out anymore, and when we actually do, WE ARE STRESSED AS FUDGE. That’s actually one of the things that made this a hell of a semester. It’s like the professors thought it would be a good idea to pile us up with a shit ton of work. And did I mention that most of them are due the same day? IT JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER.

Now let’s get to the subjects. One word: PE. Don’t get me wrong. I love PE. But not when it’s sports I mean COME ON. It’s SPORTS. Me and sports do not go well. I actually took up self-defense for PE this semester but our PE professor thought it would be fun to go on leave IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEMESTER. And since the department can’t find a replacement, we had to take up badminton instead. This is not what I signed up for. Literally. Moving on, have you ever had that one class where you just wanna put your head in a blender? And no, I’m not talking about Math. That is just pure hell. I’m talking about Philosophy. Yeah that’s right– CRITICAL THINKING. My brain already hurts from regular thinking what makes them think that I’d be able to survive this class??? (Although I did pass this class with a surprisingly high grade.) The quizzes are freaking impossible PLUS we have to make a frickin JOURNAL OF CRITICAL THINKING wherein we have to an example of correct thinking and wrong thinking for THE WHOLE SEMESTER. That is a lot okay. And don’t forget the final exam: D E B A T E. Wow I love this class. But good news is we won the debate YAY.  And here’s one minor subject that felt like it would be cool to be treated as a major: BIOLOGY. Even though I’m fine with it, it’s just too much for a minor subject. What am I? Bachelor of Arts in Communication Major in Biology??? AW HELL NO. AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT THAT FREAKING ASS EXPENSIVE BOOK WE HAD TO BUY FOR A FREAKING ASS CODE THAT WE NEEDED TO ANSWER ONLINE QUIZZES LIKE NIGGA OUR TUITION FEE IS ALREADY AS HIGH AS WIZ KHALIFA WE DON’T NEED THIS MINOR SUBJECT BEING THE CAUSE OF OUR BANKRUPTCY DAMN IT. But hey. At least I got exempted from taking the final exam whoop whoop. We also had this major class where all we did was report. Creative reporting, that is. But hey, I’m not complaining. Got a high grade in that one OH YEAH. 


> THEATRE CLASS. NOW THAT IS DA BOMB. Yes the first part was a bit hard coz theatre history, but I survived that with flying colors. Then comes the best part: WORKSHOP. See, for our finals in this class we had to make a major production. This is itself should be another blog post because it is long as fudge. 

> COMMUNICATION THEORIES. I was actually a bit scared at first because of the professor. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it or anything but majority if the students don’t like her. And she’s well aware of that fact. Surprisingly tho, in our class, we have so much fun. It’s like we’re always in a recollection and I ACTUALLY LEARN. Our professor was fun in our class and she’s not that scary. Best part of this clss is that we’re learning while having fun. Yes the theories are long and ugh, but the professor and my blockmates make it worthwhile. WE ARE A CLINGY BLOCK OKAY. That is a known fact to professors. And did I mention that our Comm Theories professor IS A DIRECTIONER??? SHE’S A LOUIS GIRL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. HER PHONE WALLPAPER IS LOUIS TOMLINSON. Four for you Miss Awesome Professor. Sadly, we’re her last class because she’s not teaching in our school anymore coz she’s moving away. 😦

That’s pretty much it. One whole semester full of STRESSBALLS. Major emotional roller coaster ride. Which is why my blockmates and I agreed that we’d be together in some classes. WE ARE GOING TO DOMINATE THE CLASS. What can I say, I have amazing blockmates. This would make me seem mean but seeing that I’m not the only one that is on the verge of exploding made feel somewhat alright. My friends and I wallowed in our stressed lives. And even though we already had a lot going on, we still found time for each other and to goof off. Which is how I made it through this semester.

I really wish our sembroke would go slower because honestly, I still haven’t recovered from the first semester.