Things I Suck At Part 2

So one of my first posts here was about the things that I suck at… and now I shall continue the never ending list of things I admittedly suck at. Ya ready?

  • singing
  • dancing
  • waking up early
  • breathing (I choke idk why)
  • working out (I’m ridiculously lazy)
  • taming my wild WILD nest hair
  • push-ups
  • being funny
  • running
  • walking (it still hasn’t improved)
  • anything sporty
  • continuing this post

Yah… I ran out of stuff. Pretty sure there’s a whole lot more. There’s an AWFUL LOT MORE. I should probably list them down whenever I think of something… nah.

hbu? What do you suck at? Leave me some comments! peasants


My wifi was down for like 800 years (way to spend the summer) so that’s why I only get to blog now. Sorry 🙂

Here’s a sexy Harry to make up for it.