Things I Suck At Part 3!!!

So this summer, I’m finding out a LOT about some things I suck at… I know I suck at many things but the ones I’ll be putting on here are the stuff I’m aware of. Maybe I should also make a blog post about the stuff I’m aware of? I don’t know. Maybe. When I’m not too lazy. As always, this is just a filler post. I’ll be posting a real post… when I feel like it. And I started doing this post around 2:30 pm and now it’s 3:05 and I’m still in the intro part AND IT’S FREAKING SCORCHING LIKE SERIOUSLY SUMMER IN THE PHILIPPINES FEELS LIKE WE’RE LIVING IN THE SUN but whatever. 

Things I most definitely suck at:

  • following mom’s orders
  • fixing my cabinet (I’m too lazy that’s why)
  • not touching my lip (I’m crazy obsessed with touching my lip idk why HELP ME)
  • saving up (idk if I already said this)
  • sleeping early (hey it’s summer… sleeping early is for wussies)
  • saving up (yeah I said it twice)
  • getting out of bed (you see, waking up and getting out of bed are two different things like ya feel me?)
  • blogging (like I know I’m lazy but this summer… I am suuuuuper lazy)
  • flirting (who’s good this? lemme give you an award)
  • being social (ditto)
  • taking short showers (I enjoy looooooong showers. I bet you do too, yeah?)
  • and lastly
  • working out (like I swear, the only workout I get this summer is when I stand up to go to the bathroom or go downstairs to eat)

How ’bout you? Any things you suck at? Don’t worry. I probably suck more. 

Have a lovely summer!



Froggy Frog Frog

Image look at how pretty i am. look at that troll face. epic.

We had a garage sale (it was actually a basement sale but whatever) last Monday as our fund raising activity for our NSTP class. We need some funds to be able to purchase an educational package from the Knowledge Channel Foundation to be able to help the school in Laiban, Tanay from where we had our exposure trip (which I still haven’t blogged about. ugh) The educational package is a solar-powered laptop and projector. The laptop contains educational videos, games, and other stuff to help children learn faster. The project leaders chose the solar one because the electricity there only runs for 3 hours (6-9 pm) and it is actually through a generator. So it’s very efficient and it would make lives easier for the people of Laiban. So for the fundraising, we gathered up stuff like clothes, bags, accessories, books, etc. that we don’t use anymore or still haven’t used. Then we kinda set it all up at the ESI basement (it was really scary in there). We were needed early (and by early, I meant at the ungodly hour of 8 in the morning… ON A MONDAY.) So we (Angie and I) went there and we were kinda late… 30 minutes late and helped set up the place. Then we met with some people from KCFI. They explained to us the use of the package, how it would help the children, their goals, and all that other stuff. After that, they let us try out the educational thingy and things went CRAY CRAY. There’s this game about food chains called Froggy Frog Frog that we went crazy over because of the background music. MAJOR LSS. Anyway, after that we just ate our lunch and did some final preparations for the garage sale. After that, we were officially OPEN! I was assigned at the books section, so that’s where I was. I knew no one wold buy the books coz let’s face it, only a few people read books nowadays. But still, I stayed in my position and I was the one who read the books I was selling. 🙂 We realized that not much people were coming in so my co-Purifiers and I decided to go and kidnap some customers. Aindie and I went inside the school and WE WERE ON FIRE. We sold pretty much everything we were selling! We did make a pretty good team. It was awkward and humiliating at first, calling in customers, but after a few jokes about our “job”, we felt confident. Plus, the people that we invited to check out out garage sale actually went to check it out and even bought some stuff. Aindie and I were really surprised when we went back to the basement and find it filled with people we invited!

All in all, it was a fun, fun day! Got to try a lot of new things… it was very tiring but it was worth it because I know I’m tired from doing something I know would help someone.

How about you? Done any act of kindness lately? Do it with friends! You’ll be having fun while helping someone. 😛


Like A Butterfly

So this afternoon (after my wifi came back from wherever the fudge it went to) I was watching some Youtube videos that I missed from the past 3 days. There’s a video response from meganheartsmakeup about the Dove Real Beauty Sketches. I thought it was about makeup or something so I checked it out. Then I cried.

The experiment (or whatever it is) was brilliant. It touched a lot of women’s hearts and boost up their egos. You guys should totally check it out. It’s just for 3 minutes. 🙂 If you’ve ever felt insecure about yourself or anything, I hope this video would help you.

“Butterflies don’t know the color of their wings, but human eyes know how beautiful it is. Likewise, you don’t know how good you are, but others can see that you are special.”

Things I Suck At Part 2

So one of my first posts here was about the things that I suck at… and now I shall continue the never ending list of things I admittedly suck at. Ya ready?

  • singing
  • dancing
  • waking up early
  • breathing (I choke idk why)
  • working out (I’m ridiculously lazy)
  • taming my wild WILD nest hair
  • push-ups
  • being funny
  • running
  • walking (it still hasn’t improved)
  • anything sporty
  • continuing this post

Yah… I ran out of stuff. Pretty sure there’s a whole lot more. There’s an AWFUL LOT MORE. I should probably list them down whenever I think of something… nah.

hbu? What do you suck at? Leave me some comments! peasants


My wifi was down for like 800 years (way to spend the summer) so that’s why I only get to blog now. Sorry 🙂

Here’s a sexy Harry to make up for it.