Creepy Crawlers

I made another playlist that I was supposed to post last week but I kinda forgot because my mom and sister dragged me out of the house to go shopping and then when I’m actually home it was either brownout or there’s something going on in the fandom. STORYTIME!


I was making this playlist last Saturday while my mom was having a massage in the living room and I was inding my own business then out of nowhere, this huge ass cockroach had the frickin nerve to attack my face so I screamed my lungs out and ran up the stairs then continued screaming like: Image

and I yelled to my mom that there was a flying cockroach in the living room. My mom was like: “Kill it then”. So I was like:

In the end, I didn’t kill the cockroach and I forgot to post this. Shoutout to my mom for being a big help.

Here’s the playlist and as usual, comment if you have song suggestions and I’ll got listen to it. Enjoy. xx

> Going to Hell- The Pretty Reckless

> Hail to the King- Avenged Sevenfold

> Sex- The 1975

> Strangers- Seven Lions with Myon and Shane (ft. Tove Lo)

> Learn to Love Again- Lawson

> White Dress- Parachute

> Over and Over- Blonde Louis

> Six Degrees of Separation- The Script

> Nothing Left to Lose- The Pretty Reckless

> Just Tonight- The Pretty Reckless

> DNA- Little Mix

> You Need Me, I Don’t Need You- Ed Sheeran (Live Room)


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