Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!!!

\\insert scary picture here//



[rocks back and forth]

It’s that time the of year again… it’s just that time of the year again. Here in the Philippines, Halloween isn’t that big compared to Western countries. Sure kids also go trick or treating but it’s usually in subdivisions or villas. Although, zombies are big this year. There are fun runs with zombie themes and whatnot happening in different areas of the metropolis. Plus, the first ever Halloween theme park, Halloween Haunts Scream Park, will be opening here on November 5!  There are parades featuring different Halloween costumes… Halloween here in the Philippines is more of people going home to their provinces to visit their family and going to the cemeteries to visit and remember their loved ones who has passed away. They set up camps near their loved ones’ graves or something. It’s also the time when everything you see on television is either a. horror movies, b. “Undas” related news or c. both. As for me, it’s that time of the year where I scare myself shitless watching horror movies or just plain watching movies. Anyone remember Insidious? That scared my soul away.

On to more important stuff… and by important stuff I mean my Halloween movie list.  Lettuce begin!

1. Mean Girls– the movie for all season. Need I explain more? And if you still haven’t watched this movie, you need to reevaluate your life because you’re missing out on a lot.

2. Edward Scissorhands– this is the very first Johnny Depp movie I’ve watched and is actually my favorite. I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS MOVIE I

3. Cujo–  Just your regular dose of psychopath rabid dog. Nothing much. Am I the only one who got traumatized by this movie? I can’t be the only one right? RIGHT???

4. Any Tim Burton movie– Tim Burton. TIM. BURTON.

5. Evil Dead– warning: VERY GORY. Very stressful movie I cannot even.


7. Sigaw– this is actually the only local horror film that scared me. I literally didn’t sleep for days. This is actually really good and scary. The first horror film in the Philippines that got worldwide recognition. And was even translated… you know what? Just go watch it. Goodluck not screaming.

I wanna know what you fave movies are, not just Halloween movies tho. Comment them so I could check them out! I am in dire need of new movies 😦

Have a Happy Halloween! Stay safe and don’t let the zombies bite. 😉


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