Tomato Soup

Since I’m broke and lazy this sembreak, I have nothing else to do but lie down and listen to some music… which happens to be a great decision. So for this last week of sembreak, I’ll be putting up playlists of the songs I’ve been listening to and putting random titles for the playlists because I’m too lazy to actually think of a proper title.


For today’s playlist, it’s just a random collection of songs that I was listening to yesterday while doing some inventory for my aunt. As for the title… I was just drinking some coffee out of a mug with “tomato soup” written on it while making the playlist so why the heck not. Know what, just ignore this shitty intro because obviously, I suck at it. 

Enjoy. xx


> Drive You Home- Parachute

> American Secrets- Parachute

> Die For You- Lawson

> Undone- Ed Sheeran

> Happily Ever After- He Is We

> Breathe- He Is We

> When the Darkness Comes- Colbie Calliat 

> Nightingale- Demi Lovato Live at the Grammys

> Give Me Love- Ed Sheeran (The Live Room)

> Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon

> Mirrors- Boyce Avenue feat. Fifth Harmony

> Roller Coaster- Luke Bryan

> Wherever You Are- 5 Seconds of Summer 


*picture from tumblr*


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