Things I Suck At Part 3!!!

So this summer, I’m finding out a LOT about some things I suck at… I know I suck at many things but the ones I’ll be putting on here are the stuff I’m aware of. Maybe I should also make a blog post about the stuff I’m aware of? I don’t know. Maybe. When I’m not too lazy. As always, this is just a filler post. I’ll be posting a real post… when I feel like it. And I started doing this post around 2:30 pm and now it’s 3:05 and I’m still in the intro part AND IT’S FREAKING SCORCHING LIKE SERIOUSLY SUMMER IN THE PHILIPPINES FEELS LIKE WE’RE LIVING IN THE SUN but whatever. 

Things I most definitely suck at:

  • following mom’s orders
  • fixing my cabinet (I’m too lazy that’s why)
  • not touching my lip (I’m crazy obsessed with touching my lip idk why HELP ME)
  • saving up (idk if I already said this)
  • sleeping early (hey it’s summer… sleeping early is for wussies)
  • saving up (yeah I said it twice)
  • getting out of bed (you see, waking up and getting out of bed are two different things like ya feel me?)
  • blogging (like I know I’m lazy but this summer… I am suuuuuper lazy)
  • flirting (who’s good this? lemme give you an award)
  • being social (ditto)
  • taking short showers (I enjoy looooooong showers. I bet you do too, yeah?)
  • and lastly
  • working out (like I swear, the only workout I get this summer is when I stand up to go to the bathroom or go downstairs to eat)

How ’bout you? Any things you suck at? Don’t worry. I probably suck more. 

Have a lovely summer!



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