iGoodbye iCarly


5 years, 7 seasons, 109 episodes, 1 great show. iCarly. I’ve been watching this show for 5 years now ever since their pilot episode. I remember always looking forward to a new episode and making sure I don’t miss it. I’ve always enjoyed watching it and there was no episode in which I didn’t laugh. I saw the cast grow up and I grew up with them. I fell in love with the characters and the actors because they portrayed the characters perfectly. Thinking back, I don’t think there will be anyone that can do a better job at being the girly and sweet Carly than Miranda Cosgrove, or a funnier and more violent Sam than Jennette McCurdy. No one can beat Nathan Kress at being the nerdy and oh-so-handsome Freddie, and NO ONE can be a better Spencer than Spencer Jerry Trainor. Those actors weren’t just actors… they were the characters. I’ve always wished that I had a best friend like Sam or a crazy, immature brother like Spencer. I really wish iCarly didn’t have to end… but it had it’s run. And a beautiful one it was. Like Dan Schneider said, “I’m really sad to see iCarly come to an end. But in a way, iCarly will never be over… So, I hope that, like many loved TV comedies of the past, iCarly will live on and on.”

While watching iGoodbye, I had goosebumps because I knew that it would be the last. No more new episodes, specials, crossovers, and many other iCarly stuff. It was kinda nice that they showed the characters from the very first episode. Then, they showed the opening credits… I was already bawling! It was just too much! Then… oh my glob. The childhood feels cam pouring out. I couldn’t stop crying. Although there were parts where I laughed out loud, I spent the majority of the show crying. There were a lot of touching scenes in it and you can see that it was really hard for the characters. It’s etched on their faces. I can tell that every emotion, every tear is real. They weren’t acting anymore. They were really saying goodbye to an amazing adventure. It’s kinda hard to accept that iCarly’s finished. The last scenes really broke me. It showed the main characters reminiscing the time when they were planning iCarly. Then, at the very end… when Sam rode off to the night, and Freddie said “And we’re clear” for the last time… I was so sure that I’m 69269250% done with everything. The ending symbolizes a lot. Like Sam riding off to a new adventure without Carly… it’s just too much okay? I am now saving up so that I’d be able to buy the complete DVD set of all 7 seasons. iCarly may have aired it’s last episode… but I will never stop watching it. EVER.

If you wanna learn more about iGoodbye and/or you’re an iCarly fan, go read Dan’s blog! You’ll cry your eyeballs out. 😉


If you haven’t watched it yet, GO WATCH IT! You’re missing a lot.

iLove you iCarly. Thanks for giving me a wonderful 5 years. Thank you Dan, for being a genius and giving us this amazing show. Thank you Carly, Sam, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, T-Bo, Lewbert, Mrs. Briggs, Mr. Howard, Mrs. Bensen, Principal Franklin, and to all the characters and actors in iCarly. To all the special guests that made iCarly even more special.

Thank you.

“Listen… doing iCarly for you guys has meant so, so much to me.  And it’s changed my life… and I want to say, to the fans of iCarly… thank you” -Carly Shay

“Being a grownup doesn’t mean you have to stop being silly, creative, and fun.” -Carly Shay



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